Supporting Evidence-Based Advocacy

Our client, an international foundation in the healthcare space, was worried about COVID-19’s spread and the testing strategies being used to 'flatten the curve.' The rollout of the vaccination programme in January 2021 further shifted the discourse away from the need for testing and tracing, which had not yet accomplished the requisite scale, cost-efficiency, and equity across the country. To bring testing back on the radar and create consensus on the most suitable path forward, we convened a panel of scientific experts and commissioned research studies to build an evidence-based report with a roadmap. Based on evidence created, we worked towards shaping public and expert opinion through a series of engagements with stakeholders from the government, industry associations, and key opinion leaders, supplemented through strategic communication to amplify our findings in the media. Our efforts resulted in a subtle shift in the government's view and an endorsement from senior officials within the government ecosystem. Our role included programme management, stakeholder engagement and management, research and partner coordination, and media advocacy.


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