Chase India Cyberpeace event group photo

Roundtable on Protecting Critical Information Infrastructure

March 1, 2024

Our recent roundtable discussion on "Evolving Strategies for Protecting Critical Information Infrastructure," co-hosted by Chase India and CyberPeace Foundation was held in Delhi, India. The event brought together esteemed experts from government, industry, academia, and civil society to deliberate on enhancing the protection of Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) in India. The roundtable discussion witnessed insightful deliberations on emerging cyber threats, the need for a cybersecurity overhaul for India's critical infrastructure, change in regulatory framework which emphasizes mandatory reporting of cyberattacks , a risk-based approach for prevention and mitigation, more adaptive and agile policy making to counter updated security technologies.   Expert speakers, including representatives from organizations such as CERT-Thermal, CERT-Power, STQC, MeitY, Ex-NCSC, Microsoft, Wipro, AWS, Mahindra Defence etc, shared their perspectives, emphasizing the importance of a 'Whole of Nation' approach and proactive measures to safeguard critical infrastructure. We also announced the official launch of our report titled “ Future-proof and Future-ready Framework for Protecting Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) under the Digital India Bill” during the event, aiming to draft legislative and policy provisions based on global best practices.